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Life Change Foundation Course

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Introduction to Emotional Intelligence

How to change your behaviour?

Understanding the triggers that drive behaviour and consciously choosing to behave differently. You will learn how to do this with the Life Change Foundation Course.

Having technical ability alone is not enough, the ability to work well with others is more a determining factor for a successful career. Emotions overrule the rational brain in certain situations so understanding why certain behaviours are triggered and how to change reaction is key to developing yourself. The Life Change Foundation understands this which is why we developed this course.

This session, from Life Change Foundation, is based on experiential learning so you will be actively involved with a partner in the exercises. You will be able to offer people basic life coaching when you are done with the course.


People will leave the session able to:

  • Be more conscious in the way they listen to people.
  • Gain Insights into their behaviours and the triggers that cause them.

This is a great course for those people looking to grow personally. You will be able to develop new skills and help other people. The skills you will learn during this course are invaluable. They will help to improve how you live your life and interact with other people.