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World in the iris

The Life Change Foundation is a global nonprofit initiative created to normalise and socialise the healthy practices offered in therapy and coaching, equipping people with tools to resolve their issues to prevent them from developing into mental health issues. 

Our cornerstone service is the SayNow app, a free social and support app that connects people worldwide to speak about what’s on their mind with other users, who listen and then share their own stories. All conversations are completely anonymous, allowing users the freedom to speak openly and without feeling judged. The goal is to enable users to feel heard, lend a listening ear, and become better in the process of doing both.

Anyone ready to start their journey to becoming the person they were meant to be can take advantage of our free peer-to-peer coaching and personal development education. As we grow, we will expand to offer other free and reduced-price services, including counselling and group training with qualified coaches either face to face or through the SayNow app. 

Our ultimate goal is to empower people to find their voices and speak their minds to truly spark the positive life change they
need to thrive.