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In summary, the app teaches people how to help coach people, by connecting people anonymously to each other in a voice call. Users learn the skills in the initial training and then practice with others. The more they practice the more experience they get and the more experience they gain the more training is unlocked.

The SayNow app is where two people can talk in a safe space.

Talking vs Listening

Unlike a chat with friends or family, the listener in the app follows certain rules which allow the speaker to stay with their thoughts without being interrupted. People do not listen during normal day to day interactions, there are things distracting them or they are thinking of what to say next or not really focused on the speaker. There are a few places where people can relax and process these thoughts safely. When thoughts are spoken or written they can start to be understood.

The SayNow app teaches users how to stay with the speaker’s story allowing the speaker to go where their thoughts lead them. This can be a very powerful experience as this rarely happens naturally in life.

Changing Behaviour

When people are under pressure, they fall back to default learned behaviour which they have relied on for most of their lives. To change behaviour people, need to practice regularly how to become confident in their new behaviour. When they are confident in the new behaviour then it naturally becomes the default behaviour in all conditions.

The SayNow app gives people the opportunity to first change their listening behaviour. The more they practise the more natural it becomes. It enables users to stay focused on what people are saying and ignore the distracting thoughts filling their heads. It shows that the urge to say or do something can be changed before it is said or done. Users can begin to see that most behaviour is learned and with a little focus and direction, it can be changed.

It also allows the speaker to start to understand the thoughts and perceptions that may drive their behaviour. Sometimes gaining insights into what their thoughts mean can then begin to change behaviour.

Confidence in anonymity

There are many reasons people don’t share thoughts with others. Sharing potentially deeply private thoughts can make people feel vulnerable. There is a fear of rejection or even that people may gossip. Not knowing the person, you are speaking to allows people to say what they are feeling and experiencing in a safe and free environment.

The SayNow app creates this safe space for users to express thoughts without these fears. The app randomly sets up a call with another user and you get to speak and to listen and then the call ends. The user details are not shared during or after the call.

Helping others to help yourself

Most people are caught up in their own lives, thoughts, and anxieties. Many would like to help people more but aren’t sure how or where to start.

The SayNow app allows users for a short period of time to be there for someone else. The act of listening and supporting someone as they process their thoughts can have a positive effect. It also allows people to see that they are not alone in their own struggles.