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“Show people that by helping others they can become better themselves”


Our vision is to build one of the world’s go-to social communities for promoting wellbeing and facilitating the human connection necessary to help people thrive mentally and emotionally.

About us

Most people around the world learn fundamental skills of reading, writing, and math. Yet few of us are taught how to find peace with ourselves and others, process our emotions, or strike a healthy mental balance.

As a result, we often lack the self-knowledge, self-awareness and self-confidence to solve the issues that arise in our lives.

The Life Change Foundation was established to bridge this gap by creating a safe space to learn and practice the skills needed to experience a better life. Our global nonprofit initiative aims to normalise and socialise the healthy practices offered in therapy and coaching, equipping people with the skills to help discover insights to resolve their issues as they reap the benefits of supporting others like them.

The goal is to enable users to feel heard, lend a listening ear, and become better in the process of doing both.

We created our inclusive social community to give everyone, regardless of background, the opportunity to work through tough challenges and become the best they can be. Recognising that suicide is one of the leading causes of death among young people worldwide, we wanted to create a new way to help struggling people emerge from loneliness and isolation using the technologies that once kept us separated. Instead, we wanted to use technology to provide an outlet and a way to feel connected and understood through peer mentoring and talking therapy.

At the Life Change Foundation, anyone ready to start their journey to becoming the person they were meant to be can take advantage of our free peer-to-peer coaching and personal development education. As we grow, we will expand to offer other free and reduced-price services, including free and reduced-price counselling and group training with our qualified coaches, either face to face or through the SayNow app.

How you can support us

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If you click SayNow icon in the username screen you can become a test user and start a test call.

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